Public NRC Meeting on San Onofre! Tuesday, March 9, 11:00am Pacific Time

This event ended March 9, 2021, but you can get the video here

Get Edited Video, Part One, here:

Get Edited Video, Part Two, here:

Get the unedited VIDEO of this event here:
(This version is unabridged, with dead air, etc.)



Please mark your calendar for next Tuesday, March 9, 11AM California time, when one of the heaviest hitters in the nuclear industry, Paul Blanch, will be joined by myself and Stuart Scott of FacingFuture.TV to argue against the NRC’s absurd claim that a future radiation release at San Onofre is “not-credible” (i.e. impossible):
Who: Public Watchdogs vs NRC
When: Tuesday, March 9, at 11am PST (2PM EST)
Or listen by phone:        1-415-527-5035
Webinar Password:      199 168 0575
YOUR participation is VERY important!
Even if only a handful of people monitor this meeting, by phone or video, it puts the hurt on our do-nothing NRC bureaucrats because they’ll know they are being watched (and nobody at the NRC likes being watched).
Get set for a riveting presentation
What’s more, the audio-visual slides that Paul Blanch and Stuart Scott of FacingFuture.TV have put together make for a riveting, fact-based, edge-of-your-seat presentation!
What if there is a flood at SONGS?
Our analyses show that it might result in a disaster, but the NRC claims an accident is simply “not credible.” They haven’t even bothered to do a risk analysis!
However, there are professionals who have analyzed the risks at SONGS and other nuclear sites and they say the risk is high. Do you know you cannot buy insurance against a nuclear disaster anywhere at ANY PRICE because the risk is too high? Yet according to the NRC, the risks at San Onofre are “not credible.”
The NRC is pawning off Junk Science as “credible.”
Believe it or not the NRC has allowed Holtec to keep its “top secret” flood analysis from public view to protect the “intellectual property” of Holtec International!
Imagine that! The NRC has put the profits of Holtec, a private corporation – a corporation under an active criminal investigation for fraud, that was also found guilty of bribery, ahead of your right to know.
Do you trust NRC to look out for your family?
Do you agree Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island were “not credible” events?
If your answer is “NO,” then please tune in by telephone or computer this Tuesday at 11AM Pacific Time (2PM EST).

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