Does Holtec International bribe federal employees to get its contracts?

  The next time you hear a government employee or government contractor defending Holtec International, or awarding the company a juicy federal contract, keep in mind that the employee may have been paid off by Holtec.  At least that’s what is alleged in this blockbuster story by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

        Kris Singh, CEO of
Holtec International
July 11, 2019 Philadelphia Inquirer

Business as usual at Holtec

We are drawing attention to this story, and the scathing report by the Inspector General of the Tennessee Valley Authority because Holtec is the company behind the nuclear waste storage system at the beachfront San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump.  And if past is prologue, perhaps a few decison makers have been bribed.

Holtec funneled $50,000 to federal employee in bid to win contract, inspector general report says

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