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December 30, 2017

Re:   Year-end letter to Public Watchdogs donors and supporters

Dear Friend of Public Watchdogs,

Imagine a world that’s completely free of nuclear waste …

In 2017, we  have focused our advocacy exclusively on removing the nuclear waste from the beach at San Onofre and have taken powerful steps toward our goal of  preventing the burial of deadly nuclear waste on our cherished beach at San Onofre State Beach Park.

Here is a partial list of our accomplishments:

     Federal lawsuit to revoke the nuclear waste burial permit

Thanks to you, we have sued the U.S. Government, the Department of  Defense, the U.S. Navy, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric for their participation in an unlawful scheme to bury nuclear waste on the beach without a lawfully issued permit.  If  we are successful the beachfront nuclear waste dump will be torn down and the waste removed from San Onofre (plus, we have other legal actions in the works).

     450-page report exposing the horror of Edison’s emergency planning

We were fortunate to receive broad media coverage on our exhaustively researched report Radiological Regulatory Failure. This probing expose’ reveals that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has allowed Edison to unlawfully abandon all offsite emergency planning when a disaster occurs at the new Beachfront Nuclear Waste Dump.

     A powerful invitation to every CPUC employee to “blow the whistle”

The California Public Utilities Commission is corrupt to the very marrow of its bones.  In August,  we wrote every single employee  at CPUC (all 1,150 of them – even the janitors )  with a personalized, hand-addressed  first class letter inviting them to  “blow the whistle” on corruption.  Each personal letter included an actual photo of Jackie Grieg, a CPUC employee who was killed (some say murdered) by a gas pipeline explosion that failed because CPUC does not enforce its own rules

     A groundbreaking report on San Onofre’s unsafe geology

When our geologist and chief science officer, Robert Pope saw potentially deadly earthquake faults surrounding San Onofre it led us to conclude that a nuclear incident at San is “unavoidable.”

     Compelling videos

If you haven’t visited our Website at and clicked on the YouTube icon, you really should. There are more than 24 Public Watchdogs videos, including a video that shamed Edsion into changing the ethnic makeup of its panel, and another that explains in beautiful pictures and words why the beach at San Onofre is worth fighting for.

I believe that public advocacy carries a sacred obligation to speak truth to power and to defend the public interest no matter what the cost.  We are committed to protecting Southern California from what we believe is the most dangerous threat to public health since the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, which took almost 700,000 lives.

We are relentless in our pursuit of social and economic justice at San Onofre, and thanks to your donations we are making progress toward our objective of removing the nuclear waste.   I  am grateful for your help, and remain

Very Truly Yours

Charles Langley
Executive Director, Public Watchdogs

P.S.  We believe the risk of a nuclear incident at San Onofre is 100%  and our only focus is getting it moved to a safer location in safer containers.  Will you consider making a tax-deductible donation to Public Watchdogs today?



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