Year-End Message from Public Watchdogs

Public Watchdogs’ geologist just gave Southern California a jolt.

He predicted a 100% chance of a nuclear disaster at San Onofre (get the video “100% Chance” here).

If you haven’t heard, Edison is about to bury tons of radioactive nuclear waste from San Onofre on our State Beach. If you have heard, then it’s probably because of the hard work of Public Watchdogs. Incorporated as an IRS tax-exempt nonprofit, our research has captured headlines by exposing corruption and horrific breaches of public safety.

And we delivered the documents that validate our findings.

Count me in for tax-deductible donation to Public Watchdogs in 2016

Public Watchdogs’ investigators have …

  1. Uncovered and published the secret Warsaw meeting notes showing that the President of the California Public Utilities Commission (who was forced to resign) set your rates in a secret meetings in Warsaw Poland with utility executives instead of doing it in public hearings as required by law. This discovery set the tone for the scandal that followed.
  2. Showed that Edison’s radioactive waste isn’t safe. We have increased public awareness that if things continue as Edison plans, millions of pounds of nuclear waste, deadly to humans for 250,000 years, will be buried in casks guaranteed to last only 25 years.
  3. Proved Edison didn’t meet the California Coastal Commission’s ‘Special Condition’ permit requirement would that enable Edison to monitor the nuke waste storage casks. Believe it or not, once buried, there is no way to inspect the casks for radiation leaks. Therefore, Edison’s permit should be revoked immediately.
  4. Exposed potential criminal activity by Edison. We repeatedly published documents that show Edison engaged in secret communications with the Public Utility Commissioners and its Judges. They failed to represent you, and instead gamed the public hearings to bail out Edison at your expense.
  5. Revealed ugly truths about public safety. Our research showed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission no longer requires FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) to monitor, review, or even report on a radiological disaster at San Onofre. The NRC directed FEMA to turn all offsite emergency response to County emergency service agencies … and most of us don’t even know who they are.

I’m ready to make a tax-deductible donation!

It isn’t if an accident will occur, but when. Burying waste that’s deadly to humans for millions of years on an earthquake fault, in a tsunami zone, on bluff that’s destined for collapse defies common sense.

IT IS TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS:  Our number one priority is preventing the burial.

I’m willing to fund the fight.

Please. We can’t do it alone. Even a small donation will make a huge difference by allowing us to continue the work that we do, and maintain our momentum in 2017.


P.S. The same engineers that screwed up San Onofre are also the same ones who are now supposed to be keeping us safe. Can you trust them?

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