These Leaders Deserve Your Vote of Thanks

Your utility bills are going to increase because of a reckless vote cast by your elected officials to keep Diablo Canyon open.

Last night your representatives under cloak of darkness, in a secret midnight vote, opted to put their political aspirations above the public safety.


By voting to keep the dangerously decrepit Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open for business past its prime.

Even if you have a joined a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA), the Diablo legislation passed last night is destined to increase your electric bill.


Because every single ratepayer in the State of California is now responsible for funding the bailout of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).

This legislation will make your  electric bills, which are the highest in the nation, even higher.

These politicians have chosen to ignore the combined nuclear threat with a serious seismic situation.  The reality of earthquake damage to this aging nuclear facility would be catastrophic to everything Californian.

Only four elected officials in the entire state of California had the courage to stand on their principles and cast their vote in the public’s interest.  We owe them a vote of thanks.

Please take a moment now to pick up the phone and thank these true leaders for their integrity in the face of enormous political and corporate pressure.  They are:

Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath 760.434.7605
(916) 319-2076
Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi
(916) 319.2066
Assemblymember Mark Stone
(916) 319-2029
State Senator Brian Jones  (916) 651-4038

List of Senate members who voted to bail out Diablo with your money:

List of Assembly members who voted to bail out Diablo Canyon with your money:


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