Letter in opposition to keeping Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open

Today, the LA Times published this letter from Public Watchdogs’ Board Member and Director of Development, Nina Babiarz.

Diablo Canyon leak



Photo: Tracy Adams, Wikimedia

While it’s somewhat surprising that Newsom would hang his political aspirations on the coattails of PG&E, which just emerged from a criminal probation during which it pleaded guilty to 85 counts of manslaughter, at least he’s revealing his true colors.

It’s also interesting to note that, while Newsom initially conjured up extending the Diablo Canyon license in 2020, it was also the same year Diablo sprung a radioactive leak due to its age and extensive corrosion.

It’s disappointing that he’s trying to break a 2016 legal commitment to close the plant; that’s outdone only by the betrayal of the sacred trust of the public’s safety with his risky business.

Now, his rush to pass legislation for a $1.4-billion forgivable “loan” to PG&E to keep Diablo Canyon open should be a huge red flag for any legislator who associates themselves with such fraud.

Nina Babiarz
Director of Development and Board Member
Public Watchdogs

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