Keeping Diablo Canyon Open – The Devil is in the details

Governor Newsom is actively pressuring your elected officials to keep the aging Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant open. Newsom has promised Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) a $1.4 billion “forgivable loan” to keep it running, plus, the Senate is expected to vote on to keep Diablo open in the next few days!


Call or email these State Senators to avert this disaster!

(Scroll down for talking points)

Sacramento: (916) 651-4039
San Diego: (619) 645-3133
Senator Brian W. Jones, (R)
San Diego (916) 651-4038
El Cajon Office (619) 596-3136
Escondido Office (760) 796-4655
Senator Ben Hueso (D)
Chair, Energy, Utility & Communications Committee
Sacramento Office (916) 651-4040
Chula Vista Office (619) 409-7690
Senator Patricia C. ‘Pat’ Bates, (R)
Orange, San Diego (916) 651-4036
Encinitas (760) 642-0809
Senators that live near Diablo Canyon …
Senator John Laird 805.549.3784
Senator Henry Stern 916.651.4027
Senator Ben Allen 916.651.4026
Senator Monique Limon 916.651.4019

The Devil in the details: Diablo Canyon talking points


First, PG&E, the utility that owns Diablo, made the case that the plant was too old to continue operating safely. That agreement was voted on with our entire state legislature.
Second, not only is our governor leading this reckless and unsafe charge, but, he is promising PG&E a $1.4 billion “forgivable loan” (i.e. your money) to keep it open.
Third, it creates even more nuclear waste that’s deadly for thousands of years with no way to store it safely.

Finally, PG&E, is a convicted felon. They have the blood of 100 manslaughter victims on their hands. Remember the San Bruno gas line explosion that killed eight people? And let’s not forget the Paradise “Camp Fire” that took 85 more lives unnecessarily.

It doesn’t have to be this way


With all the wasted tax dollars being thrown at Diablo Canyon, we could do so much more. We could engage renewable power sources with secure energy storage that will deliver reliable electricity forever.
Your emails and phone calls today will ensure a safe and reliable energy future for California. Please share this important message with your friends and neighbors.

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