Please attend the NRC’s Webinar on “near-miss” nuclear disasters at San Onofre, Nov 8 at Noon.

We urgently need your help spreading the word about the upcoming NRC Webinar on Thursday, November 8 at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time.

Please register for this event here.

We need at least 100 people to turn on their cell phones or laptops to attend a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) webinar on nuclear safety at San Onofre this Thursday, Nov. 8.   Click here to register.

Here’s why:

This Webinar is in response to what the NRC calls the two “near-miss” and “near-hit” radiation disasters that almost happened in July and August of this year.

But instead of alerting the public to these “near-miss” disasters, the NRC participated in a cover-up of the events, which occurred in violation of Federal reporting laws (see our post “13 Alarming Reasons the NRC Inspection is Probably a Sham).

If either one of these “unsecured loads” had fallen and cracked open, it would have destroyed our beaches and much of Southern California with deadly radiation, making the region uninhabitable for thousands of generations.

The NRC is squeamish about public concerns about nuclear waste. That’s why we need YOU to attend this Webinar. The last thing these do-nothing bureaucrats want is for you, the PUBLIC, to become aware of exactly how dangerous the situation is.

Hold the NRC’s feet to the fire! Register here!    We could have lost much of Southern California twice in the last 90-days, and the NRC knows it. What’s more, the NRC participated in a cover-up with Edsion by allowing the utility to avoid reporting the “near-hits” in violation of Federal Law, 10 CFR72.75 (d) (1)

The NRC claims they “inspected” the situation at San Onofre with an alleged “Inspection Team,” but do you know that they NEVER inspected the canister that nearly dropped 18 feet for damages?

The Deputy Director of the NRC’s Region IV (that’s California) recently told me that NRC pays VERY close attention to public reactions. The one thing a government bureaucrat fears is public attention. They’d rather remain invisible … and do nothing about Edison’s lawless activities.

That’s why it is essential for YOU attend this Webinar on Thursday, November 8 by clicking here, now:


August 3 was the day we almost lost Southern California. That’s the day Edison nearly dropped a delicately constructed 49-ton thin-walled canister of nuclear waste almost 18 feet.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission called it a “near-hit,” and although the NRC knew all about it, they allowed Edison to VIOLATE FREDERAL LAW by not reporting the event with one hour. Instead, Edison waited more than 45 days to report the August 3 event, and still hasn’t bothered to report that first “near-miss” that occurred in July.

Please. We must hold the NRC accountable. We must show the NRC that the people of California are fed up and ready to take action against lawless regulators and utilities like Southern California Edsion and the NRC.

Please attend this NRC Webinar on Thursday, Nov 8, at 12 PM by registering NOW at:

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