Details on the January 9th NRC Webcast

The NRC is holding a public webcast on Wednesday, January 9th at 10:00AM California time).


The NRC doesn’t want you to attend this webcast, so they aren’t publishing the web address until tomorrow, but our watchdogs sniffed out the page where the webcast hyperlink will appear.
To view the webcast on your phone or PC, Go to the NRC video page (at at 10:00 AM Pacific Time on Wednesday. As of this writing, the official link hasn’t been posted. However, the NRC has assured us that the link will appear on the NRC’s video page by 8:00 AM Pacific Time on Wednesday (the actual meeting starts at 10:00 AM our time, 1:00 PM East Coast time).

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  (asking  the NRC questions)

True to form, the NRC is making things difficult.
Anyone can watch the Webinar here at the NRC Webcast Portal, but if you want to ask a question the NRC wants you register in advance with a special call-in phone line. We dug up that number, too, but be advised that you should probably call at least 20 minutes early, because the number of spaces is limited.

Here’s the secret call-in line (it has a 500 caller limit):

800-857-4625 Pass code: 2437269

If you are planning to be one of the 500 people that will be allowed to call in with questions, the NRC is asking that you contact Taneka Terry in advance in Maryland TODAY at 301-415-1488 or at her email Tomeka.Terry  @ (she’ll send you the same number and passcode shown above).
Also, if you can’t log in to the phone line, email us your questions with “NRC Question” in the subject line, and I’ll do my best get you an answer.


Thanks to broad public outrage, the NRC is feeling incredible pressure to create an illusion of transparency.
Tomorrow’s Webcast is a “Pre-decisonal Enforcement Conference” (PEC). According to the NRC, it is being held to “discuss apparent violations involving the design of spent fuel storage casks” by Holtec, the company that makes this defective nuclear waste burial system.
As you may be aware, there have been at least two of what the NRC calls “near-hit” equipment failures that were never reported publicly as required under federal law.
In each case, gigantic 23-foot cans with a 50-ton payload of deadly nuclear waste, got stuck in the throat of a below-ground silo as it was being “downloaded” on swinging steel cable. As a result, the giant cans were at risk of crashing more than 18 feet to the bottom of the hole!
In violation of Federal Law, Edison worked closely with the NRC to keep these near-hits a secret from the public.
The situation is bad because the walls on these delicate 50-ton canisters are made of 5/8″ thin stainless steel. That tiny fraction of an inch is the only thing that stands between us and a nuclear disaster that could cause the permanent evacuation of Southern California.


These hearings are a scam. They are based on the faulty premise that the few near-hits that Edison has tried to keep secret are not a “design problem” but simply a matter of worker training.
And even though the Official NRC Report has a lot of tough talk, the facts are that Edison has publicly announced it will resume burial in as few as 8 days on January 15th.

Edison is in violation of Federal law

Under Federal law, Edison is required to report what the NRC calls a “near-hit” within hours after it has happened. But Edison kept all of its “near-hits” a secret by failing to report them publicly at the NRC’sEvent Notification Report Page.
The only reason we know about the August 3 event is because a bravewhistleblower stepped forward and reported it. The NRC knew about it, but you didn’t, and that’s an outrageous violation of the law.
But it gets worse. On October 10, Public Watchdogs sniffed out another unreported “near-hit” that the NRC had intentionally witheld from the public. You can read about it here in a sworn affidavit by Nina Babiarz, a Public Watchdogs’ Director.

The criminal conspiracy.

We believe the NRC’s tough-talking Inspection Report is nothing more than a coverup of Edison’s lawless behavior
The NRC admits that it knew about both near-hit events long before the public ever found out. Yet it made the decision to keep these near-miss disasters a secret from an unsuspecting public.
That isn’t regulation, it is collusion.
The NRC chose to let Edison report these nuclear near-misses “informally,” in violation of the strict nuclear safety laws that they are supposed to enforce!
It is Public Watchdogs’ opinion that the NRC has actively conspired with Edison and Holtec to keep this dirty secret away from the public, and that it has risen to the level of a criminal conspiracy.
This is why it is so terribly important that you — and as a many people as possible — attend this Webcast tomorrow. We must keep public pressure on the NRC. When you log on to this webcasttomorrow, you’ll be sending our do-nothing NRC bureaucrats a powerful message that we the people are watching.
Please forward this email to as many friends as you can. We must put pressure on the NRC, and right now, the best way to do it is by attending tomorow’s webcast at 10:00 AM, January 9th.
See you tomorrow, 10:00 AM, January 9, 2019.

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