Cruel Master, or Terrible Servant? Charles Langley addresses the California Public Utilities Commission


This video shows Public Watchdogs’ Executive Director at a July 26 Public Utility Commission hearing in Sacramento.

In it, he advises the California Public Utilities Commission to deny the approval of a settlement agreement on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

The Commission opted to approve the dirty deal with minor modifications a few minutes later.

It is the opinion of Public Watchdogs that the approval of this settlement ratifies an illicit rate-setting meeting between former Public Utility Commissioner Michael Peevey and top executives at Edison (get the sworn criminal affidavit here).

Central to the case is the fact that the Public Utilities Commission is supposed to set the public’s rates in public hearings.  Yet Commissioner Michael Peevey, a former employee of Southern California Edison, met secretly at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw Poland with Edison representatives. During the meeting, Peevey and Edison conducted a secret rate setting hearing that unlawfully forced Southern Californians to pay billions of dollars for Edison’s nuclear mistakes.  Peevey and Edison documented their deal with handwritten notes, now known as the Warsaw Poland Notes.  The Public Watchdogs was instrumental in making the notes public.

Get Public Watchdogs’ 19-point legal complaint to the Commission here.


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