Ten Good Reasons to Support Public Watchdogs

Why Public Watchdogs?
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is the regulatory agency that decides in their public hearings how much you pay for electricity. But in the last ten years the CPUC has become controlled by the big utilities they are supposed to regulate. This is why you pay some of the highest electric rates in the continental United States. Our goal, as consumer advocates, is to put the public interest over the financial interests of the big monopolies that run the CPUC.

1. We’re here to protect YOU, the ratepayer
Public Watchdogs is a newly formed 501(c)3 tax deductible not-for-profit.  Our prime directive is to protect your right to fair energy prices and to restore integrity to the California Public Utilities Commission. We are passionately committed to exposing and ensuring the criminal prosecution of the corrupt utility executives, CPUC Administrative Law Judges, and CPUC bureaucrats responsible for your skyrocketing electric bills.

2. The importance of independent funding.

Public Watchdogs is funding the work of attorneys who aggressively defend your right to affordable and clean electricity. Independent funding is vital because under the current corrupt system, advocates who expose rule violations in CPUC’s regulatory court are financially punished. Your donations to Public Watchdogs are tax-deductible and will help fund the attorneys who are zealously representing you in CPUC’s regulatory court.

3. Deadly nuclear waste at San Onofre State Beach

If nothing is done, Southern California Edison will store more than 1.6 million pounds of spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre State Beach Park until the year 2049, or beyond. This waste, toxic to humans for 173 million years, will be stored in containers that are guaranteed to last only 20 years. Each of the canisters contains more radioactive waste than the toxic release at Chernobyl. Public Watchdogs is fighting this plan.

4. Public Watchdogs helped publish secret document

Public Watchdogs secured the handwritten notes proving top CPUC officials and utility executives conspired in a hotel in Warsaw, Poland to settle the San Onofre case out of court at ratepayer expense and without required public hearings. The meeting was illegal. These notes have been critical to developing the criminal case against key CPUC officials and Southern California Edison executives.

5. Helped force the early retirement of Michael Peevey

As the result of diligent organizing and media outreach by Public Watchdogs, Michael Peevey, a former Southern California Edison (SCE) employee and utility lobbyist, declined to seek a third reappointment as president of the California Public Utilities Commission.

6. Public Watchdogs outed fraudulent “refund” claims

Once the San Onofre bailout deal was announced, CPUC falsely claimed that ratepayers would get a refund. Public Watchdogs worked closely with utility fraud investigators and the media to prove that there never was, and never will be a refund. Instead, ratepayers like you are being forced to foot the $3.3 billion bill for a failed nuclear power plant.  In fact, ratepayers are also paying the bill for the electricity San Onofre did not produce, plus the costs of replacement electricity.

7. Exposing the true cost of the San Onofre bailout

It was Public Watchdogs’ research and analyses that prompted investigative news stories proving that the total cost of the San Onofre bailout exceeds an average cost of $2,000 per electric meter, plus finance charges.

8. Spurred immediate “early retirement” of a CPUC judge

When utility fraud investigators discovered secret and unlawful communications between CPUC’s Administrative Law Judge Melanie Darling and Southern California Edison, Public Watchdogs published the criminal affidavit in the media. Within nine days of being publicly exposed, Darling immediately retired.

9. Public Watchdogs protects whistleblowers

Every major ratepayer victory in the last 30 years has been achieved with information provided by anonymous utility whistleblowers, often at great personal and professional risk. Public Watchdogs’ founder is a whistleblower. He understands the risk, the price, and the importance of anonymity and whistleblower protection. Public Watchdogs will provide a safe haven for whistleblowers who expose the truth.  Visit the Whistle Stop at www.publicwatchdogs.org and get the full story.

10. Unleash your Public Watchdog!

The utility fraud investigators and public advocates who have done all of this work (and much more) have not received a single penny for their labor since 2010. Yet together, they have used the media and the courts to expose a multi-billion dollar utility fraud, and to spur multiple criminal investigations of Southern California Edison and CPUC.  Please join now.Even a small donation will make a BIG difference!  Join online, or use our printable order form here.

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