SONGS Public Meeting! March 21, State Lands Commission, 9:00 AM Oceanside CA

Thursday, March 21,  9AM, Oceanside  (Get Map)

CA State Lands Commission vote on SONGS 
QLN Conference Center 1938 Avenida del Oro, in Oceanside

Key Documents:  State Lands Commission Agenda
                                     NRC  Agenda for March 25, Enforcement Meeting

Message:  Arrive at 8:00 AM and ask to sign up to speak.

Details: The California State Lands Commission is voting
to approve a “Final” Environmental Impact Report that will
pave the way to demolishing the remaining buildings including
the spent fuel pools, which are important to public
.  We are requesting that concerned  citizens show up
at 8:00 AM and sign up to speak for three minutes to postpone
the vote!

REASON:  The State Lands Commission vote is premature.
They are voting four days before the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission will unveil the results of its putative “safety 
inspection” at San Onofre. The Commission must wait until
it knows for certain what the safety issues are at San Onofre.

One thought on “SONGS Public Meeting! March 21, State Lands Commission, 9:00 AM Oceanside CA

  1. Wish I could attend, please relay my deep desire for them to conscientiously & responsibly wait until they at least hear from the safety commission. Come on, at least an attempt at civility and professionalism would be nice. Is someone wanting to leave for vacation early or what?

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