Public Watchdogs’ Sunflower Campaign a “Blooming Success.”

Chris from Oceanside just sent us this awesome photo of a Public Watchdogs’ sunflower.  Helianthus Sunflowers are an international symbol of protest against nuclear waste because the roots actually  remove deadly radiation from the soil. (learn more about sunflowers and radiation).

On April 24, we launched our “Flower Power” campaign to “grow awareness” about San Onofre by distributing thousands of free sunflower seeds at local community events. In a few weeks, we’ll be sending out another 52,000 seeds to people who responded to our online petition in support of our lawsuit to nip the bud on Southern California Edisons’ Beachfront Nuclear Waste Dump at San Onofre Get the facts here with these helpful talking points).

Why Helianthus Sunflowers?

Helianthus Sunflowers have the ability to remove vast quanitities of deadly radiation from the soil. As such, they have become a beautiful and subtle protest of nuclear waste pollution. So if you’ve planted one of the thousands of seeds we’ve distributed, please send us a photo ( ) and we will post it here. And if you haven’t sent away for your FREE Helianthus, then click here to sign our petition and we will ship you a free pack.

We think they’ll grow on you, and its a great way to show you’re rooting for safer storage of nuclear waste.

to grow! 
Get your free sunflowers!

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