Raise Consciousness and Awareness about nuclear waste!


“Say it with flowers” and show the world that FLOWER POWER trumps Nuclear POWER!

Help Public Watchdogs raise awareness about nuclear waste by signing our online petition and we’ll send you a FREE pack of these magnificent award-winning flowers from American Meadows, the USA’s premier sunflower seed company as our way of saying thanks!  Sunflowers naturally absorb harmful radiation and are a wonderful and attractive way to make a statement about the nuclear waste in our own back yard at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Hurry! Supplies and this offer are limited to Southern California residents.  Claim your FREE gigantic sunflower seeds today!

Sunflowers (Helianthus Annus) are the world’s BIGGEST flowers! Not only will your free sunflowers grow almost two feet across, but they also absorb harmful nuclear radiation, and are GUARANTEED to Grow almost anywhere! Plant them in public parks, near stop signs, by the side of the road … anywhere they can get lots of sun and a little water, and show the world you care about nuclear waste! 

3 thoughts on “Raise Consciousness and Awareness about nuclear waste!

  1. This is such a powerful symbol to raise awareness… the GIANT Sunflower that shows life, strength, beauty and survival. This has been used by the MILLIONS in Chernobyl and Fukishima to absorb the radiation from the soil. WE can use it to – PLANT a SEED for our FUTURE – and PREVENT nuclear disaster in Southern California. Take a stand for SAFE Nuclear Waste.

  2. I have loved your campaign since it’s started, and even though I am in AZ, I have continued to plant this amazing flower in our garden. This year we have now started a sunflower project at the local school and JR High with the tens of thousands seeds produced from the very seeds you gave me at sanonofre beach all those years ago. With those harvested seeds we hope to continue to thrive and spread awareness as public watch dogs !

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