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SUBJECT LINE:   Revoke CA Coastal Commission’s Nuke Waste Burial Permit

Dear Governor Brown and California Coastal Commissioners: 

We the undersigned demand that you and your Commissioners  REVOKE the permit allowing burial of radioactive waste on our public beach.

The California Coastal Commission has issued an unlawful permit to bury deadly radioactive waste from nuclear reactors on the beach at San Onofre State Park.

This permit is unlawful for three reasons.

  1. The vote was secretly predetermined prior to public comment in violation of Law.
  2. The permit violates Special Condition #2, which requires Southern California Edison to inspect the canisters for radiation leaks once they are buried in the beach. Edison has no way to inspect these canisters.
  3. It defies the Coastal Commission’s mission statement of protecting California’s coast line for future generations.

Each of the 75 canisters contain radioactive waste lethal to human life for 250,000 years.  They are only guaranteed to last 25 years. They will be buried smack in the middle of 8.5 million people.  The burial site is in an earthquake and tsunami zone. We demand you stop this madness.

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