NRC FOIA Response, Freedom Of Information Act, 04-15-2020 FOIA NRC-2020-000169

This is the NRC’s response to a massive Public Watchdogs Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request number NRC-2020-000169

Form 464, Public Watchdogs FOIA and Final NRC Response

FOIA Response #1  xxx pages, FSAR – Final Safety Analysis Report, Revision 5, June 20, 2017 1Released Records

FOIA Response #2  138 pages, Holtec’s top secret “Alloy X” is just ordinary stainless steel   2-Released Records

FOIA Response #3  117 pages, Origin and types of stress on transfer cask FOIA#3-Released Records

FOIA Response #4  195 pages, Internal stresses and pressure loads FOIA#4-Released Records

FOIA Response #5  176 pages, transfer cask, max temperatures FOIA#5-Released Records

FOIA Response #6  146 pages with criticality calculations FOIA#6-Released Records

FOIA Response #7  132 pages with technical illustrations of lift yoke FOIA#7-Released Records

FOIA Response #8   36 pages, Holtec Technical Specifications  FOIA#8-NRC Released Records

Table of FOIA denials (for the complete document in pdf, click here).

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