Attend the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Webinar, Jan 24, Noon CA Time!

Do you trust the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to do the right thing?   If not, we hope you will register for tomorrow’s NRC Webinar on the ongoing near-miss nuclear accidents at the failed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station at 12:00PM Noon PST, Thursday January 24.

Even if you can’t give it your full attention, tuning in on your phone, your tablet, or your computer will make a tremendous difference.

Everybody knows the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is about as useful as a glass hammer, and that this hearing is a total sham, but unfortunately, they are the only regulator we have. We need you to help hold their feet to the fire by registering now.   If all we do is get a few dozen people to register it will put tremendous public pressure and scrutiny on those do-nothing bureaucrats.

What you can expect:


In this Webinar, Edison is expected to make a presentation designed to assure you and our goofball regulators that the hopelessly defective nuclear garbage cans at San Onofre are safe, even though Edison has nearly dropped two of them (they weigh almost 100,000 pounds)18 feet.

The NRC is colluding with Edison to hide the truth.


Under Federal law, Edison is required to publicly report what the NRC calls a “near-hit” or “near-miss” within an hour of the event on the NRC’s public Event Notification Page, yet the NRC is not enforcing its own laws.

When the August 3 “near-hit” occurred, the NRC’s lawless, do-nothing bureaucrats knew all about it … but they allowed Edison keep the event a secret from the public. If it wasn’t for a whistleblower named David Fritch, nobody would have known that on August 3, 2018, we nearly lost Southern California.

Then, a short time later, Public Watchdogs’ investigator Nina Babiarz got an NRC official to admit that there was another “unsecured load event” 13 days earlier on July 22, 2018 where another canister with another 100,000 pound payload was at risk of falling 18 feet into a different silo.

Shamefully, that July 22 event was also kept secret in complete violation of Federal Law (get the sworn affidavit here). This behavior by the NRC and Edison shows that both Edison and the NRC have zero commitment to letting the public know what’s really going on at San Onofre.

Help us stop this recklessly unsafe project!

Please … register for this event and try to tune in on January 24 at noon California time. Your attendance will make a powerful and positive difference.

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