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Public Watchdogs is in the process of certifying a case for the U.S. Supreme Court.  We are seeking amicus briefs (friend of the court briefs) from credible organizations.

Below are the relevant documents in pdf format.

Introductory Letter from Public Watchdogs.

Conformed Copy of Ninth Circuit Decision, February 23, 2021
cv-01635 – 67 Mandate Re 12.29.2020 Judgment.pdf Effective 2021-02-23 19

Opinion by Ninth Circuit Judge N. Randy Smith against Public Watchdogs.
2020-12-29 Opinion Affirming(18844659.1)[2785768]

Opening Brief of Public Watchdogs
2020-02-10 19-56531 – 18-1_Opening Brief (Corrected)(16631117.1)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Answering Brief
2020-03-31 19-56531 – 26 – Answering Brief of NRC(17038784.1)[2785772]

Holtec International Answering Brief
2020-03-31 19-56531 – 27 – Answering Brief of Holtec(17038786.1)[2785771]

Public Watchdogs Reply Brief
2020-04-13 19-56531 – 38 – Appellant’s Reply Brief(17115789.1)[2785769]

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