This page will have links to documents referenced in Southern California Edison’s Application 22-02-016 before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

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Signed Edison Non-disclosure Agreement
CPUC Rules of Practice and Procedure
Recent updates to Rules of Practice and Procedure

Access to A2202016 Documents filed with CPUC by all Parties:

1) A2202016 CPUC Proceeding Detail Page
A2202016 Archived Documents  that have been filed with CPUC by all parties.
3) A220216 CPUC Rulings by ALJ Lau and Commissioner Houck
4) A220216 CPUC Decisions adopted or under consideration by the Commission related to A220216
5) A220216 Public Comments to CPUC related to this ratemaking.

Documents filed at CPUC by Public Watchdogs

Public Watchdogs Reply to the Joint Response of Southern California Edison (U-338-E) and San Diego Gas and Electric (U-902-E) to Public Watchdogs’ Notice of Intent to Claim Intervenor Compensation

Public Documents Published by Edison relevant to A2202016

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