Why the new California AB 205 income-based surcharge is a horrific invasion of your privacy, and how you can protest it.


Like something repulsive oozing from the bottom of your shoe, Assembly Bill 205 is a revolting mess that requires a yet unidentified California government agency to start tracking your personal income.  After this agency gets possession of your private and personal tax information, a crack team of state-funded bureaucrats will decide how to charge the new fees on your electric bill as soon as January 1, 2025.

Learn more about it here, or just  SIGN THE PETITION to STOP it!

AB205-Recent-Legislation:    Get as two-page PDF    Get as a web page

LETTER TO GOVERNOR, from California elected officials who
wish they had never voted for AB 205, “emergency” legislation.

Analysis of AB 205, the new income based electricity fees

Final Text of AB 205, approved June 30, 2021

AB 205 Voting Record

California Consumer Privacy Act

Federal Privacy Act of 1974

“Get the emergency” Webinar video  Sept 19, 2023

Notice of Webinar, only a few days before the hearing.

Notice of Approval of Emergency Regulatory Action, for AB 205  Docket Number 22-OIR-01, Emergency Rulemaking for AB205, Docket Number 22-OIR-01

NOTICE OF APPROVAL OF EMERGENCY Energy Commission REGULATORY ACTION  Submitted and Docketed October 25, 2022

San Diego Union Tribune editorial:  Jan 07, 2024 “Sewage debacle lawsuit: Every step helps.”

San Diego Union Tribune story: Gas monitor data shows unhealthy air quality near Tijuana River watershed

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