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AB 205 “Fixed Fee” is a new income tax
will appear on your July 24 electric bill!

San Diego ratepayers already pay the highest electric costs in the USA, but now, thanks to a new law that was championed in secret by Governor Newsom, San Diego’s electricity costs are skyrocketing even higher.

A new law, California Assembly Bill No. 205 (AB 205) not only requires every customer to pay higher electric rates, but it also charges you a higher rate based on your income.  For example, if your neighbor makes a few thousand dollars per year that you do, your neighbor will probably get a lower electric rate.

If this sounds confusing, it is because everything about AB 205 is intentionally designed to conceal the fact that utilities are now going to get information on your income and taxes from the State of California, and they are using this information to increase your electric bills.  The bottom line is that the more money you make, the higher your electric bill is going to be.

Introduction to the “Bill-Gutting” process

Bill Gutting is a process used by California politicians to prevent the public and the news media from knowing about harmful new unpopular new laws until it is too late to do anything about it.

California Assembly Bill AB 205 was voted into law on June 30,2021.  The law started out as a bill designed to benefit wine grape growers.  Through a parasitic process called “Bill Gutting.”  With Bill Gutting, the host bill is replaced by a completely different law.  Originally, AB 205 was a bill that affected California wineries, but after it was gutted, it was transformed into a secret income tax on every Californian’s electricity bill.

Why AB 205 is a bad law, and a bad income tax 

With AB 205, the amount you are charged for electricity depends entirely on your income.  If you are at or below poverty level income, the new AB-205 fees will increase your electric bill.  However, unlike the other products and service you buy, AB 205 will charge even higher rates for customers above poverty level with additional increases depending on your income level.  Put simply, if you get a pay increase, it means your electricity bill is going to increase, too.

Franchise Tax Board’s Mission Statement and Founding Principles, Notes and observations:

NOTE #1: Franchise Tax Board’s ‘Founding Principles’ also include their Statement of Principles of Tax Administration & Taxpayer Bill of Rights direct links embedded below :

Mission Statement:

                “Our mission is to help taxpayers file timely and accurate tax returns and pay the correct amount to fund services important to Californians.”

Founding Principles:

  • Protect the privacy and security of data entrusted to us.
  • Carry out our fiduciary responsibilities to taxpayers by managing their accounts with accuracy and financial integrity.
  • Operate with transparency to maintain public trust and confidence.
  • Conduct our business in accordance with the Statement of Principles of Tax Administration, Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, and our organizational values.

NOTE: – Since Statement of Principles of Tax Administration states the following…:

“The primary function of the Franchise Tax Board is to administer the Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC). Tax policy for raising revenue is determined by elected officials.”

“It is our duty to correctly apply the laws enacted by the Legislature; to determine the reasonable meaning of various R&TC provisions, and to perform in a fair and impartial manner.”

Interpretation of the R&TC is the heart of administration. It is the responsibility of each person in the Franchise Tax Board, charged with the duty of interpreting the law, to try to find the true meaning of the statutory provision and not to adopt a strained construction in the belief that he or she is “protecting the revenue.” The revenue is properly protected only when the true meaning of the statute is ascertained and applied.

…and we now know that at least 22 elected officials have sent a letter requesting Gov. Newsome REPEAL AB 205,  would you agree that it’s logical that we address at least 1 of our petitions directly to the Franchise Tax Board ‘Advocate Services” (see contact info below) and request they support the repeal of AB 205 due to its “unreasonable” meaning of Revenue and Taxation Code??

NOTE #2: Taxpayer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

“You have a right to know what types of information we gather, how we use it, and to whom we may provide it. Information collected is subject to the California Information Practices Act, Civil Code Sections 1798-17987.78, except as provided in Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) Section 19570.”

“The California Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights requires us to adequately protect the rights, privacy, and property of all California taxpayers when we assess or collect tax. Your rights include: Privacy and confidentiality: The privacy of your tax information.”

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