Warning to Laid Off DMV AB60 Employees: You could be losing $400 dollars each month

Public Watchdogs has been examining issues involving DMV’s terminations of employees hired temporarily under AB60.

If the year to date Gross Pay shown on your pay stub with 4/1/2016 issue date is greater than the Highest Quarter Earnings on your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award, then you may lose $400 in monthly unemployment benefits, for a total of $2,500 over the next six months.

DMV paid those checks to employees on March 30 or March 31 so the payment should be included in Q1 – 2016 earnings.

The back of the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award states:

“If this notice or amended notice is incorrect and you want to protest the accuracy of the computation or recomputation, you must contact the EDD within 30 days after the mail date of the notice or amended notice. Otherwise, a wage investigation or recomputation of wages may be denied. If you do not protest EDD’s determinations in writing within 30 days of the Mail Date on EDD’s notice, you may lose your opportunity to protest the amounts.”

Here’s how you claim increased benefits.

Step 1) Log into your EDD account at http://edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/UI_Online.htm

Step 2) Click on Contact Us


Step 3) Choose question category “Claim Questions” and question topic “Missing Wages from Claim”


Step 4) Type your protest in the question box.

For example:

“My claim is missing $ [ insert the amount of the gross pay shown on your pay stub ] wages paid during Quarter 1 – 2016. I request recomputation of the wages and weekly  benefit amount.”

Step 5) Click Submit to send your protest to EDD.


Step 6) You should receive confirmation of your protest in your UI Online Inbox at the EDD web site.

Public Watchdogs is working on other issues involving potential problems with mistreatment of DMV employees and possible violations of State law. All information you provide to us will be held strictly confidential. Email Langley@publicwatchdogs.org and put “DMV Layoff” in the subject line.

Disclaimer:  Public Watchdogs is not offering legal advice. For legal advice consult an attorney.

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