Southern California Edison has just completed construction of the USA’s largest privately owned beachfront nuclear waste dump. The company has announced that it will begin burying the deadly nuclear waste some time in December.  There is still time to stop them. Please sign the petition and share the video


  1. This waste should not have a home on the southern california coastline. Lets move it somewhere inland adjacent to the military base in the desert.

  2. This is massively insane! Who in their right mind would threaten the valuable coastal are for the people of California and their children, grandchildren, great-grand children, great-great-grandchildren. etc., for umpteen generations to come? El stupido comes to mind.

  3. What government, that cares for it’s people, would ever allow a nuclear waste dump any where near a major fault line system?

  4. All three branches of California State Government are failing us — again. There’s plenty of money to spend on pet projects, but when it comes to trying to avert a disaster that we know is bound to happen, there is no political will. Follow the money.

  5. We cannot allow this insanity! Please do not be an ostrich and don’t allow Edison to do this to our coastline, our oceans, our community and our future!

  6. This is very profitable to the company and it’s shareholders. This is very dangerous and possibly deadly for people in the fifty mile radius around San Onofre which includes the Cities of San Diego, northern San Diego County cities and cities in Orange and LA County, including part of Los Angeles suburban area. More people than the millions in this 50 mile radius will be affected if there is a disaster.

  7. The probability of ever having a permanent waste site for high level nuclear waste is zero. When commutes realize what it means to have such a site they let it be known ‘Not In My Back Yard.(NIMBY)
    Just as had occurred with the governments failure to find a permanent storage site for low level waste, the responsibility will eventually shift to the states which have generated the waste.

    Unfortunately the current dry storage method for waste will fail well before the states locate even a temporary site given that the canister selected are totally inadequate for the long term storage needed. Canisters 5/8″ thick of stains steel storing high heat waste, a little over 100 feet from the oceans edge in a wet environment and in an atmosphere with high ozone content will not last more than 20 to 30 years before cracking occurs. The helium stored within the canisters will leak and the internal support structure separating the fuel rods will begin to degrade.

    The likelihood that an interim or permanent storage site becoming available is minimal. And the fact that the canister cannot be repaired once they crack makes matters worse.

    More sturdy canister need to be used which allow for any cracking repairs and will hold promise of safely storing the waste for a minimum of 50 to 60 years.

  8. There is no safe nuclear power and no safe disposal of the waste. That is why in the 50’s and 60’s more than 60,000 barrels of nuclear waste were dumped into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Corporations rule the planet. This is a travesty and an international crisis. The lessons of Chernobyl and Fukushima fall on deaf regulatory ears. Even after Fukushima Obama ~within a month~went to Chile offering to assist with their nuclear power program. This administration is also blind and deaf to the irreversible damage associated with this industry. Unfortunately the mainstream media are silent.

  9. This should be the #1 target for any suicide bomber wanting to bring Death to America. Chernobyl times 72 The World’s biggest dirty bomb would make most of Western USA uninhabitable with just one hijacked airliner, 9-11 style. Think I’ll move to Australia.

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