Public Watchdogs secures $300K from donor who wants to “put to death the lie that nuclear energy is ‘green'”

Moores Family funds Public Watchdogs with $300,000.00 to stop Nuclear Waste Dump 

Supports legal action to protect and preserve Southern California’s coastline.

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DATELINE: SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA, Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Today the Jennifer Moores Family and Change for Justice announced that it has funded $300,000.00 to Public Watchdogs in support of the nonprofit’s work to remove a newly-constructed nuclear waste dump from San Onofre State Beach Park, the birthplace of North American surfing. The funds will be used to draw attention to the alleged financial fraud and criminal activity has occurred in the publicly-funded multi-billion dollar bailout of the failed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

According to Jennifer Moores, “I am holding Edison responsible for cleaning up the mess that it generated. It’s a shame that the public cannot trust Edison, but their stockholders sure can.”

           The USA’s largest privately-owned nuclear waste dump

Once the project is completed, San Onofre will be the largest privately operated nuclear waste dump in the USA.  The radioactive waste, deadly to all life for 250,000 years, is being stored in thin-walled steel containers that are only guaranteed to last 25 years.

On January 31st, 2018, Southern California Edison began moving the first of its 73 giant nuclear trash cans into concrete silos located 108 feet from the sparkling surf and sugar sand beaches of San Onofre State Beach Park.  Each of the steel-lined concrete silos are only guaranteed to last up to ten years, while containing the same amount of deadly Cesium-137 that was released during the entire Chernobyl disaster. The silos are located near earthquake faults in a tsunami inundation zone.

“I want to put to death the lie that nuclear energy is ‘green’,” says Moores.

For background, contact Charles Langley at (858) 384-2139, or

To arrange interviews, contact Lynn Stuart at (858) 243-6988

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