Amended Complaint filed in Federal Court to stop beachfront nuclear waste dump at San onofre

Public Watchdogs files Amended Complaint to stop burial of nuclear waste at the beachfront San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump

Today Public Watchdogs announced that is has filed a 65 page amended complaint in its lawsuit to remove the nuclear waste from the beach at the newly contructed San Onofre State Beach Park Nuclear Waste Dump.

Southern California Edison, which currently owns the Dump, prefers to refer to it as an “ISFSI,” or “Independent Spent Fuel  Storage Installation.”
So far,  Edison has interred 29 “dry casks” at the location, which  is situated 109 feet from the beach.  A critical piece of evidence in the complaint documents a 28% failure rate for the canisters used at San Onofre.

For background or more information, contact Charles Langley, Executive Director, Public Watchdogs (858) 752-4600.

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