Meet Charles “Chuck” Lowery

Chuck Lowery is an Oceanside native. As a retired businessman, philanthropist, and former Oceanside City Councilmember 2014-18, Chuck learned how to work with other community members and to consider the potential outcome of serious decisions. As a local stakeholder, the proximity of millions of California residents to the radioactive storage on the San Onofre beach is an item of deep concern.

In an effort to learn more about living downwind from tons of nuclear waste, he came upon San Diego-based Public Watchdogs. After years of asking questions and learning more about how this situation came about, Chuck decided to apply to become a board member of this nonprofit organization and was approved.

It’s his priority to create and maintain a safe community without sacrificing the things we love: fresh air, clean water, and a survivable future. To reach that goal, Chuck brings his intellectual curiosity into play and seeks answers to decades-long questions.

As we move forward into a more sustainable future, Chuck believes we must work together to meet our goals. Everyone deserves a place to live that’s safe from the unseen threat of nuclear waste stored on the nearby beach.


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