Images and video from Fukushima event.

Quiet Minds Gather to Unite for Peace

On March 11, at 11:11 AM, more than 60 people gathered together  in the spirit of sacred activism to honor the seventh anniversary of Fukushima, and to pray and meditate for a safe permanent solution for nuclear waste at San Onofre. The event, called Unite for Peace, featured a brief presentation by Public Watchdogs on the dangers of nuclear waste and emergency planning at San Onofre, and a profoundly moving presentation with gongs and singing bowls. For NBC news coverage, click here.

Event organizers, Ayla and Jessi greeted guests with sage smudges.

 Attendees are invited to sign the Public Watchdogs Petition (click here to sign the e-version)

An eclectic crowd of about 60 concerned citizens attended. Shown here is Jim Jones, Founder of the nonprofit  Music for the Revolution and organizer of Public Watchdogs’ 2018 Music Festival coming on October 14th.

Gong master Arjan Lin Maralic played her gongs and Tibetan singing bowls (click here for a brief sample of these amazing sound frequencies, or visit her Web site here).

Viraja Prema harmonizing with the bowls, the gong, and the audience.

Charles Langley and Nina Babiarz, Public Watchdogs Directors, explain briefly why the nuclear waste at San Onofre is dangerous.

Some of us were moved to tears.

All of us entered into deep meditation.

Reina addresses the small crowd of 60.

Ayla making introductions. 

Offerings of sage and flowers

Viraja harmonizing

 In front of a consciousness-expanding backdrop, Charles Langley explains why San Onofre’s thin-walled nuclear waste trash cans are not acceptable.


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