Why you should “Throw out your holiday lights”

According to Forbes, lighting up the Griswold house with Christmas lights would cost the average American about $4,000.  Now, one of San Diego’s most trusted consumer advocates has told homeowners to throw out their holiday lights.

According to Public Watchdogs’ director of development, Nina Babiarz, SDG&E’s new “peak use” charges could be shock if you use old fashioned incandescent light bulbs with your holiday lights.  “Just throw them out,” says Babiarz, who says that replacing old-fashioned glass lightbulbs with  Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) can use up to ten times less energy than a glass bulb with a hot wire in it.  Watch the story below and scroll down for a look at old fashioned incandescent lights and modern, more energy efficient LEDs.


Old fashioned glass light bulbs that have a hot wire inside them can cost eight to ten times what you would pay in increased electric rates.


Plastic LED lights like these can really save money in the evening when SDG&E charges you extra during “Peak Use” hours.

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