Take Action Now

   On January 28, 2018, during the Blood Moon Eclipse, at 3:00 AM in the morning,  Southern California Edison began the dangerous process of burying 3.6 million pounds of deadly nuclear waste on the beach in thin-walled nuclear waste trash cans at San Onofre State Beach Park.  Public Watchdogs is working to reverse the process.

We have filed a lawsuit to STOP THEM in Federal Court

We are working to expose the corruption publicly.

How to get action from political leaders – a quick tutorial

  • Call or write your local representatives. To find out who they are, click here.
  • Tell them you don’t want high-level nuclear waste stored on the beach. Click here for talking points.Understand the power of your unique voice. It only takes a few minutes to call or write an elected official.

Nervous about talking to powerful politicians of their staff? Don’t be. Here are a few quick and helpful guides:

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