SONGS Community “Engagement” Panel to hold virtual meeting August 20

CLICK HERE to attend the Skype Meeting
Thursday, August 20th, ( at 5:30pm SoCal Edison is holding a virtual meeting on the failed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), via Skype teleconference

     Southern California Edison needs to know they are accountable to people like you who have financed this nuclear boondoggle. When you attend by phone or via Skype, it sends a powerful message that keeps Edison and our do-nothing regulators on their toes. You’ve paid dearly for this chance to speak out — so  click here, call in or attend with Skype (

     Now that Edison has buried the last of its 73 thin-walled cans of nuclear waste on the beach at San Onofre State Beach Park, they are counting on you to let down your guard.   They want you to think they’ve buried the radioactive waste “safely.”  Not true.|

Here’s why it is dangerous:
     The thin-walled canisters are only guaranteed to last 25-years, yet according to the USA’s oldest and most respected scientific journal, the “spent” nuclear fuel inside them is deadly for a quarter million years!    What’s more, if these “thin-walled” canisters develop a leak, tear, or puncture from corrosion or mishandling, the only safe way of handling them is to completely immerse the contents under water, in a spent fuel pool, which Edison plans to tear down as soon as possible!
Your voice counts

     This may be one of the last chances you’ll have to speak out on the issue. So click here, call in, (or attend the meeting via Skype), and speak up if you so desire by phone at

     Your attendance is powerful. It puts pressure on Edison, the media, and our politicians to be accountable and to treat this issue with the respect it deserves. Please join us Thursday night at 5:30pm.

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