San Bruno Gets Burned by their Own

You’d think after all the time and suffering the folks of San Bruno have endured, that if Justice was not to be served there would be a darned good explanation.  Not so.

The judge, who shamefully exonerated PG&E from its fiduciary responsibility for its criminal acts, refused to provide an explanation for his decision.

The prosecutors, who were expected to expedite restitution on behalf of the PG&E victims, ejected themselves fro the legal process with a presumptive conclusion of the jury’s verdict.

The press, covered the irresponsible actions of the judge and unacceptable performance of the prosecutors, but neglected to remind us what really counts: Those 8 people killed in the PG&E explosion and the hundreds San Bruno residents that watched in disbelief as their homes burned to the ground.

Those victims deserved better.  If the accountability of those trusted to enforce the laws violated by the utilities that profit by delivering service in the privacy of our homes has gone up in smoke…….well we all should be keeping an eye on the judiciary and our ears should be tuned to our fire alarms.

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