Public Watchdogs Funding need

Below is a list of funding needs for Public Watchdogs

Updated: March 19, 2017

Web hosting

Portable projector for PowerPoint presentations (see sample) $359.00

Web site maintenance, design, and updates, $275 monthly, $3,300.00 annually (Sponsored through July, 2017)

News Desktop PC, with Windows 7 or 8 professional:  $725.00  (Sponsored)

SDSU Intern, Erin Deuble, Nuclear Waste Sustainability Analyst: $980.00

Non-Profit General Liability Insurance annual January premium $691.00 [Sponsored!]

Office Space, 800 Square Feet, (modest, Class B or C) $1.30 sq. ft annually, Kearney Mesa,  $12,480.00

Geological Report: “Earthquake Bay” (priceless) [Sponsored!]

#10 and #9 Business Envelopes, 1000 pieces ea.  $99.00 [Sponsored!]

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