Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plants in USA
Sorted by Mwe – Megawatts of Energy from largest to smallest
Updated 9-29-16

This table shows that as of this writing, SONGS, the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is the largest privately owned beachfront nuclear waste dump in the USA.  The power plant  had three nuclear generators with a total capacity of 2,800 MWe, creating many millions of pounds of radioactive waste that’s toxic to humans for millions of years.  While the facility is  located approximately 500 feet from the Pacific Ocean, the actual waste or ISFSI (Independent Spent Fuel Installation) will be stored in steel canisters 108 feet from the beach at San Onofre State Park.

Near Water (YES / NO) 
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Capacity (MWe)
Commission date
Decommission date
Years Operated
NRC 4YES, 600 ft from Columbia RiverN-Reactor – Government Owned Hanford Site, WashingtonGet Map4,0001964Dec-8622
NRC 4YES 500 ft from PacificSan Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Unit 3San Diego County, CaliforniaGet Map1,1781-Apr-847-Jun-1329
NRC 4YES 500 ft from PacificSan Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Unit 2San Diego County, CaliforniaGet Map1,1728-Aug-837-Jun-1330
NRC 4YES 500 ft from PacificSan Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Unit 1San Diego County, CaliforniaGet Map4561-Jan-6830-Nov-9224
NRC 4YES, 400 feet from Columbia RiverTrojan Nuclear Power PlantColumbia County, OregonGet Map1,13020-May-7619929
NRC 4NO, landlockedRancho Seco Nuclear Generating StationHerald, CaliforniaGet Map91317-Apr-7523-Oct-0934
NRC 3YES, 200 ft from Lake ErieZion Nuclear Power StationZion, IllinoisGet Map912Unit 2 of 2, 12/1/1973Jan-9825
NRC 1YES 750 ft from Susquehanna RiverThree Mile Island Unit 2Harrisburg PA Get Map906Unit 2 of 2 12/30/197819791
NRC 1YES, 500 ft from Black RiverMaine Yankee Nuclear Power PlantWiscasset, MaineGet Map86028-Dec-721-Aug-9728
NRC 2YES, 250 ft from Water, 1 mi from GulfCrystal River 3 Nuclear Power PlantCrystal River, FloridaGet Map86013-Mar-775-Feb-1336
NRC 1YES, 1500 feet from AtlanticShoreham Nuclear Power PlantEast Shoreham, New YorkGet Map8201-Aug-861-May-893
NRC 1YES, 100 ft from AtlanticMillstone Nuclear Power PlantWaterford, ConnecticutGet Map660Unit 1, 28 December, 1970Unit 1, 21 July 199825
NRC 1YES, 200 ft from Connecticut RiverConnecticut YankeeHaddam, ConnecticutGet Map5821968200436
NRC 3YES, 500 ft from Lake ErieKewaunee Power StationCarlton, WisconsinGet Map55616-Jun-747-May-1339
NRC 1YES 500 Feet from RiverVermont Yankee Nuclear Power PlantVernon, VermontGet Map51430-Nov-7229-Dec-1442
NO FUEL STORED ONSITEEnrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, Unit 1Monroe MichiganGet Map430196319729
NRC 4NO, landlockedFort St. Vrain Generating StationPlatteville, ColoradoGet Map3301-Jul-7929-Aug-8910
NRC 3YES, 1700 ft from riverDresden Generating StationGoose Lake Township, IllinoisGet Map210Unit 1 of 3, 1960Unit 1, 197828
NRC 1NOYankee Rowe Nuclear Power StationRowe, MassachusettsGet Map185196026-Feb-9232
NRC 4NO, landdlockedHallam Nuclear Generating StationHallam, NebraskaGet Map75196319696
NRC 3YES, 750 ft from Lake ErieBig Rock Point Nuclear Power PlantHaYES Township, MichiganGet Map6729-Mar-6329-Aug-9734
NRC 1YES, 1000 feet from riverShippingport Atomic Power StationBeaver County, PennsylvaniaGet Map6026-May-58Dec-8931
NRC 4YES, 1000 ft from Big Sioux RiverPathfinder Nuclear Generating StationMinnehaha County, South DakotaGet Map59Jul-66Oct-671
NRC 3YES, 400 ft from MississippiLa Crosse Boiling Water ReactorGenoa, WisconsinGet Map507-Nov-6930-Apr-8718
NRC 1YES – On Susquehanna riverPeach Bottom Nuclear Generating StationPeach Bottom Township, York County, PennsylvaniaGet Map40Unit 1 of 3: 1966Unit 1, 19748
NRC 1YES, 1000 feet from riverSaxton Nuclear Generating StationBedford County, PennsylvaniaGet Map23.5Nov-61May-7211
NRC 3750 ft from riverElk River StationElk River, MinnesotaGet Map221-Jul-641-Feb-684
NRC 2YES, 500 feet from riverCarolinas–Virginia Tube ReactorParr, South CarolinaGet Map1718-Dec-6310-Jan-674
NRC 3YES, 200 ft from riverPiqua Nuclear Generating StationSpringcreek Township, OhioGet Map12.5196319663
NRC 4NO, landlockedSodium Reactor ExperimentSanta Susana Field Laboratory, Simi Valley, CaliforniaGet Map6.512-Jul-5715-Feb-647
NRC 4NO, landlockedVallecitos Nuclear CenterAlameda County, CaliforniaGet Mapunknown Oct-57Dec-636


Sources: Nuclear reactors world wide and  USA Nuclear reactor locations undergoing decommissioning from the NRC 

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