Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plants in USA
Sorted by Mwe – Megawatts of Energy from largest to smallest
Updated 9-29-16

This table shows that as of this writing, SONGS, the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is the largest privately owned beachfront nuclear waste dump in the USA.  The power plant  had three nuclear generators with a total capacity of 2,800 MWe, creating many millions of pounds of radioactive waste that’s toxic to humans for millions of years.  While the facility is  located approximately 500 feet from the Pacific Ocean, the actual waste or ISFSI (Independent Spent Fuel Installation) will be stored in steel canisters 108 feet from the beach at San Onofre State Park.

Near Water (YES / NO) 
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Capacity (MWe)
Commission date
Decommission date
Years Operated
NRC 4 YES, 600 ft from Columbia River N-Reactor – Government Owned Hanford Site, Washington Get Map 4,000 1964 Dec-86 22
NRC 4 YES 500 ft from Pacific San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Unit 3 San Diego County, California Get Map 1,178 1-Apr-84 7-Jun-13 29
NRC 4 YES 500 ft from Pacific San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Unit 2 San Diego County, California Get Map 1,172 8-Aug-83 7-Jun-13 30
NRC 4 YES 500 ft from Pacific San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Unit 1 San Diego County, California Get Map 456 1-Jan-68 30-Nov-92 24
NRC 4 YES, 400 feet from Columbia River Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Columbia County, Oregon Get Map 1,130 20-May-76 1992 9
NRC 4 NO, landlocked Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station Herald, California Get Map 913 17-Apr-75 23-Oct-09 34
NRC 3 YES, 200 ft from Lake Erie Zion Nuclear Power Station Zion, Illinois Get Map 912 Unit 2 of 2, 12/1/1973 Jan-98 25
NRC 1 YES 750 ft from Susquehanna River Three Mile Island Unit 2 Harrisburg PA Get Map 906 Unit 2 of 2 12/30/1978 1979 1
NRC 1 YES, 500 ft from Black River Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Wiscasset, Maine Get Map 860 28-Dec-72 1-Aug-97 28
NRC 2 YES, 250 ft from Water, 1 mi from Gulf Crystal River 3 Nuclear Power Plant Crystal River, Florida Get Map 860 13-Mar-77 5-Feb-13 36
NRC 1 YES, 1500 feet from Atlantic Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant East Shoreham, New York Get Map 820 1-Aug-86 1-May-89 3
NRC 1 YES, 100 ft from Atlantic Millstone Nuclear Power Plant Waterford, Connecticut Get Map 660 Unit 1, 28 December, 1970 Unit 1, 21 July 1998 25
NRC 1 YES, 200 ft from Connecticut River Connecticut Yankee Haddam, Connecticut Get Map 582 1968 2004 36
NRC 3 YES, 500 ft from Lake Erie Kewaunee Power Station Carlton, Wisconsin Get Map 556 16-Jun-74 7-May-13 39
NRC 1 YES 500 Feet from River Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Vernon, Vermont Get Map 514 30-Nov-72 29-Dec-14 42
NO FUEL STORED ONSITE Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, Unit 1 Monroe Michigan Get Map 430 1963 1972 9
NRC 4 NO, landlocked Fort St. Vrain Generating Station Platteville, Colorado Get Map 330 1-Jul-79 29-Aug-89 10
NRC 3 YES, 1700 ft from river Dresden Generating Station Goose Lake Township, Illinois Get Map 210 Unit 1 of 3, 1960 Unit 1, 1978 28
NRC 1 NO Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Station Rowe, Massachusetts Get Map 185 1960 26-Feb-92 32
NRC 4 NO, landdlocked Hallam Nuclear Generating Station Hallam, Nebraska Get Map 75 1963 1969 6
NRC 3 YES, 750 ft from Lake Erie Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant HaYES Township, Michigan Get Map 67 29-Mar-63 29-Aug-97 34
NRC 1 YES, 1000 feet from river Shippingport Atomic Power Station Beaver County, Pennsylvania Get Map 60 26-May-58 Dec-89 31
NRC 4 YES, 1000 ft from Big Sioux River Pathfinder Nuclear Generating Station Minnehaha County, South Dakota Get Map 59 Jul-66 Oct-67 1
NRC 3 YES, 400 ft from Mississippi La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor Genoa, Wisconsin Get Map 50 7-Nov-69 30-Apr-87 18
NRC 1 YES – On Susquehanna river Peach Bottom Nuclear Generating Station Peach Bottom Township, York County, Pennsylvania Get Map 40 Unit 1 of 3: 1966 Unit 1, 1974 8
NRC 1 YES, 1000 feet from river Saxton Nuclear Generating Station Bedford County, Pennsylvania Get Map 23.5 Nov-61 May-72 11
NRC 3 750 ft from river Elk River Station Elk River, Minnesota Get Map 22 1-Jul-64 1-Feb-68 4
NRC 2 YES, 500 feet from river Carolinas–Virginia Tube Reactor Parr, South Carolina Get Map 17 18-Dec-63 10-Jan-67 4
NRC 3 YES, 200 ft from river Piqua Nuclear Generating Station Springcreek Township, Ohio Get Map 12.5 1963 1966 3
NRC 4 NO, landlocked Sodium Reactor Experiment Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Simi Valley, California Get Map 6.5 12-Jul-57 15-Feb-64 7
NRC 4 NO, landlocked Vallecitos Nuclear Center Alameda County, California Get Map unknown Oct-57 Dec-63 6


Sources: Nuclear reactors world wide and  USA Nuclear reactor locations undergoing decommissioning from the NRC 

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