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From the Desk of Charles Langley

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dear Friend,

If you have dug this far into our Web site, then perhaps you are as troubled as I am.

And you should be.

That’s why I started Public Watchdogs: To expose and prevent fraud and government corruption.

They’re killing people and putting your children at risk. Consider these examples:

2007 San Diego Wildfires: (Death Toll 20).  The fire is out, but 20 tomb stones remain. Fires caused by faulty San Diego Gas & Electric equipment. Fires so big you could see them from outer space. Fires that blackened our lungs with so much soot it was like smoking 40 cigarettes a day. They destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

2010 San Bruno Gas Line Explosion: (Death Toll 8 people). This man-made disaster was due  to Pacific Gas & Electric’s sloppy maintenance. It killed 8 people and flattened 13 homes. And now we know why: PG&E took the money we paid to maintain those gas lines and spent it on lavish payments to its executives and shareholders instead.

2012 San Onofre Radiation Leak(8.5 Million Lives Jeopardized) On January 31 of 2012, the sirens at “SONGS” the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station blew. Those sirens meant that anyone within earshot should seek shelter, close all windows and doors, and take iodine pills immediately to prevent thyroid cancer – especially among children and the unborn.

2015 Porter Ranch / San Aliso Gas Leak: (Death Toll Unknown) for months our Governor refused to declare a State of Emergency while Porter Ranch gushed filthy dirty cancer-causing methane. Schools were closed. Residents suffered nausea, nosebleeds, and headaches.

Why did Jerry Brown remain silent for so long?

His sister sits on the Board and the Safety Committee for Southern California Gas, the utility that caused the leak. The leak is gone, but the stench and nausea remain.

Each one of those disasters is evidence of two important facts:

  • California utilities will risk YOUR life, and …
  • Your life and safety are worthless to them and the do-nothing
    regulators at the California Public Utilities Commission.

Could these death-dealing disasters be prevented?

Yes. Absolutely. In every single case these murderous utilities were able to dodge
accountability because of lax regulation and oversight by the California Public Utilities Commission.

California’s Third World Utility System

Where else in the world are utilities killing people and getting away with it?

Where else in the world does the government give guaranteed profits for privately owned monopolies, and then reward them for failure?

Where are the consequences for utility criminals?

Whenever there is a disaster, the response the government response is always the same: A “Blue Ribbon Commission” that fails to investigate. The culprits are slapped on the wrist after sham public hearings … while personally pocketing millions … all at your expense.

Enough is enough.

As a former employee and whistleblower at a prominent utility oversight group I personally witnessed just how corrupt the system can be.  But even as bad as things are, it isn’t hopeless. With your help we can make a difference.

With your help we will shine a light on the corruption.  As you read this letter a powerful public resistance is forming, and this is your invitation. Will you join us?

Your contributions are tax deductible, and we really need your help.


Charles Langley
Your Loyal Public Watchdog

P.S.   Imagine the opposition we face. The big utilities and their slippery lawyers have billions to protect their criminal activities. Do you really trust those Sacramento bureaucrats to look out for you?  Join now. With your help we’ll keep our ear to the ground and our eye on the ball.


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