Is SCE in Compliance with its Own CEP Charter

Is Southern California Edison (SCE) burning through hard earned Ratepayer Decommissioning Trust Fund (DTF) dollars to NOT ‘Engage’ the Community?

Is SCE even in compliance of its own Community Engagement Panel (CEP) Charter?

Edison states right up front in its ‘Purpose‘ of its Community Engagement Panel (CEP) Charter is that it intends:

to enhance and foster open communication, public involvement and education on SONGS decommissioning activities.”

However, Public Watchdogs is of the opinion that, when SCE answers Public Comment CEP questions at the conclusion of the meeting, and when those answers are either inaccurate or incomplete, there should be time allotted for the Public Commentor’s rebuttal. Otherwise, how can SCE possibly claim it is actually in compliance with its own CEP purpose:

to enhance and foster open communication?”

Edison also states that its ‘Purpose’ is to:

“to serve as a conduit for public information and encourage community involvement”

But what if the conduit SCE is using to relay ‘public information’ is merely a means by which it conceals truthful information as was demonstrated on August 9, 2018 when Chief Nuclear Officer Tom Palmisano provided inaccurate and questionable reasons for shutting the SONGS burial site down?

Edison goes on to indicate that it’s:

“CEP serves the interests of area communities and will act as a sounding-board for community feedback….and that the CEP will focus on public education and understanding of matters of interest to area communities…”

Put succinctly, if matters of interests of the area communities were actually put forth ‘as a sounding board for community feedback’, there would be topics of the community’s priorities on each agenda, such as:

  1. How prepared is SCE for an earthquake that could happen any second of any day?
  2. If a tsunami should occur at San Onofre in what has clearly been identified as a USGS Tsunami Inundation Zone, what is SCE’s response plan?
  3. With SCE having secured both on-site and off-site insurance exemptions, and Price Anderson appearing elusive to the average home-owner, how is my biggest investment protected in case of a catastrophic event?

These are the types of ‘matters of interest’ that most ratepayers and community residents have as a priority for their homes, families and businesses. Public Watchdogs hopes that pressing these concerns on behalf of the communities surrounding San Onofre, will result in a true engagement and open dialogue moving forward.

EnergySolutions 2014 SONGS Cost Estimates:

SONGS Decommissioning Community Engagement Panel (CEP)


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