Geologist Warns “A Nuclear Disaster at SONGS is unavoidable.”

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(Watch the live interview of Geologist Robert
Pope on KUSI TV News here).

Geology at San Onofre makes a
nuclear disaster from “Chernobyl
Can” nuke waste “unavoidable”

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WHO:  Robert Pope, Orange County Geologist
Pam Patterson, Mayor, San Juan Capistrano
WHAT:   Mr. Pope will warn the County Board of
Supervisors that a nuclear disaster at
the San Onofre Nuclear Waste dump is
WHEN:   Today, during the Public Comments
portion of the meeting at approximately
9:00 AM.
WHERE:  County Administration Building
1600 Pacific Coast Highway, San Diego 92101

WHY / Background:

Today, Robert Pope, a forensic geologist, will
warn the San Diego County board of Supervisors
that the geology at SONGS, the failed San Onofre
Nuclear Generating Station owned by Southern
California Edison, makes the likelihood of a radiation
disaster almost impossible to avoid.
Mr. Pope will be joined in his warning by the
Honorable Pam Patterson, the Mayor of San
Juan Capistrano, and Charles Langley of Public
According to Mr. Pope, a Board Member of the
public advocacy group Public Watchdogs, new
independent peer-reviewed research shows that
the offshore Newport-Inglewood Fault, located
within six miles of SONGS is capable of producing
an 8.2 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale.
In as few as 96 days, Southern California Edison
will begin burying as many as 80 “Chernobyl Cans”
filled with radioactive waste in the unstable geology
of San Onofre.  Each Chernobyl Can, will hold between
150,000 and 500,000 pounds of radioactive plutonium
and uranium. On average, a typical Chernobyl Can
will contain more radiation than what was released at
Russia’s Chernobyl nuclear reactor on April 26, 1986,
according to he the authoritative San Onofre
Nuclear Waste Index published by Friends of the Earth.
When finished, the SONGS nuclear waste dump will be
the world’s largest beachfront nuclear waste dump.
The dump, which is operated by Southern California
Edison, was issued a construction permit from the
California Coastal Commission after an endorsement
by San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox.
Although the dump is temporary, Federal guidelines
allow “temporary storage” of nuclear waste for up to
200 years. According to the legal record, Holtec, the
manufacturer of the MP-37 Chernobyl Canisters
will only guarantee the cans for up to 25 years. The
waste is toxic to humans for more than ten thousand
AT PUBLIC WATCHDOGS, (858) 752-4600
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