Nuclear Regulatory Commission “Town Hall,” August 20, 2019, 7PM in San Juan Capistrano – NRC to listen to public

This is your invitation to join Public Watchdogs and other concerned citizens on Tuesday, August 20, 7:00pm in San Juan Capistrano (get map) for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Town Hall on San Onofre.

Here’s the official NRC announcement.

NRC “Town Hall”
San Juan Capistrano Community Center
25925 Camino Del Avion   San Juan Capistrano, CA


This may be your only chance to tell NRC what you want in a public forum:

Specifically, we want Edison’s nuclear waste (waste that’s deadly for 250,000 years) stored in a containment system that’s guaranteed to last longer than 10 years (get the manufacturer’s warranty here).

The public outrage over the last “near-miss” nuclear accident at San Onofre on August 3, 2018, forced Southern California Edison —  the operators of America’s largest privately owned beachfront nuclear waste dump — to shut down their operations for eleven and one half months. Unfortunately, Edison has resume moving its deadly cargo.

What to expect:
The NRC will make a presentation designed to convince you and the media that the hopelessly defective nuclear waste garbage cans at San Onofre are “safe,” even though Edison has nearly dropped two of them (they weigh almost 100,000 pounds)18 feet, and canisters made of identical material have developed cracks in as few as 17 years (get the peer-reviewed scientific study here).

Finally, you will probably get the chance to speak to the Commission (time is usually limited to less than three minutes), but even if you don’t speak out, it is important to attend — we need a show of force!

The NRC failed to notify the public about a called a “near-hit” nuclear incident
Under Federal law, Edison is required to publicly report what the NRC calls a “near-hit” or “near-miss” within 24 hours on the NRC’s public Event Notification Page, yet the NRC is not enforcing its own Federal laws.

When the August 3 “near-hit” occurred, the NRC’s lawless, unelected bureaucrats knew all about it … but they allowed Edison keep the event a secret from the public. If it wasn’t for a brave whistleblower nobody would have known how close we came to turning Southern California into an uninhabitable wasteland on August 3, 2018.

The NRC is helping Edison hide its safety blunders
Shortly after the whistleblower’s shocking news, Public Watchdogs’ investigator and Board Member, Nina Babiarz, got an NRC official to admit that there was yet another “unsecured load event” 12 days earlier on July 22, 2018 where another canister with another 100,000 pound payload was at risk of falling 18 feet into a different silo.

Shamefully, that July 22 event was also kept secret by the NRC in complete violation of Federal Law (get the sworn affidavit here). This behavior by the NRC and Edison shows that both Edison and the NRC have zero commitment to letting the public know what’s really going on at San Onofre.

Help stop this recklessly unsafe project
Together, we can put a stop to regulators who are refusing to enforce the law. Together, we can pu their feet to the fire and hold Southern California Edsion accountable.
Public Watchdogs has filed legal actions in Federal and State court to stop this unholy project, but we need your in-person help.
Please show up at 7PM (get map).March 2019 Calendar Leaf – Illustration. Vector graphic page

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