Leah Moscal Maxwell



Leah Moskal Maxwell was the only daughter of our deceased board member and single parent, Phil Moskal Maxwell.  One could hardly ever have casual conversation with Phil that didn’t start with an enthusiastic review of his children and their accomplishments.  Above and beyond all the valuable contributions Phil made as a Board member and CPUC Subject Matter Expert, it was most evident, that he was most especially proud of his children. And rightly so.

Upon her father’s abrupt passing two years ago, Leah was suddenly confronted with the sole responsibility of every aspect of her Life.   She’s proven herself to be a mature, self-sufficient and talented student.   With all these challenges, plus working while going to school, Leah maintained a 3.33 GPA in her past Spring semester.

Leah began her post graduate academic education at Palomar Community in order to complete prerequisite courses, then transferred to Mira Costa Community College that offered a science degree inclusive of biology courses needed for her premed requirement to become a veterinarian.

Public Watchdogs is proud to award the initial Phillip Quintan Moskal Maxwell Scholarship for Change Makers to Leah Maxwell, a well-deserving applicant who shares her father’s passion for advocacy and change.

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